Pro Trainer by VSHR Pro Academy: Training necessary in 2022 (Part 2): Training about diversity

You need a company culture that appeals to varied individuals in order to recruit diverse talent, which is where diversity can help. Furthermore, diversity training might help your company avoid losing current employees, according to a Glassdoor survey, 41% of employees have quit a job after witnessing or experiencing discrimination at work.

There are 3 types of employees training programs that focus on diversity and inclusion including awareness training, skill-based training, and diversity audit training:

- Awareness training: If diversity training hasn’t been implemented in your company before, then awareness training is the starter. Employees’ understanding and sensitivity to one’s other differences, whether racial, sexual, cultural, or otherwise, improves as a result of awareness training. Employees are urged to empower underrepresented people in their organizations and to speak out against discrimination and harassment through awareness training.

- Skills-based diversity training: If your company has already covered some ground, skills-based training is a better option. Employees who participate in skills-based training will get the soft skills they need to better their communication and collaboration with colleagues who are different from them. Employees learn skills like conflict resolution and teamwork, as well as how to avoid unconscious prejudice when interacting with others.

- Diversity audit training: HR conducts a diversity audit in order to discover workplace discrimination of any kind. Diversity audits provide a complete perspective of diversity, equality, and inclusion at your workplace through data gathering and employee discussions, helping you to make smarter decisions regarding the future of your workforce. However, because these audits can be difficult for HR to undertake, thorough training is essential before conducting one.

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