Pro Trainer - Let's cultivate your training capabilities

Updated: Feb 24

[Pro Trainers - Let’s cultivate your training capabilities]

You are a:

  • Officer/Professionals aiming to become a Trainer/Coach

  • Managers who want to train their team members

  • Junior Trainers who want to boost their training capabilities

  • Learning and Development Manager

  • Training Officer / Manager

  • HR Officer / Manager

  • Senior Sales Executive / Manager

  • Professional Teacher or Junior Coach

You want to increase your income to increase your savings and improve the quality of life, practice and improve yourself and your skills by becoming a part-time trainer.

If so, VSHR Pro Academy offers you the Pro Trainer program. This is a “Train the trainer” program, designed by VSHR Pro Academy to equip professionals, managers with the required skill set to enable you to deliver different training programs for your team or audiences.

Participating in the course, you will receive many valuable benefits and rewards. You will have the opportunity to join VSHR Pro Academy's community of training experts and become a professional trainer, receive VSHR Pro Academy training certificate and many other attractive gifts.

ESPECIALLY, register today and you can receive a great promotion from VSHR Pro Academy. Moreover, the more friends you invite to join, the bigger promotion your group will receive:

  • For you who register today, you will get a 10% discount.

  • For a group of 3 registration, you will get a 15% discount.

  • For a group of 5 registration, 1 person in your group will have a discount of 100%.

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