Pro Trainer - The less number of learners in a room, The more knowledge can be gained

Updated: Mar 9

Try to think of two classes, both classes have the same level of knowledge, the behavior of the students is basically the same. There is only one difference: one side has up to 50 students, the other side has only 10 students. Which class do you think is better for both students and faculty? After much research and survey, one came to the conclusion: small class size will be most beneficial for both students and faculty. Here are 10 reasons why a small class can perform better than a big class:

  1. Trainers have more time with each learners.

  2. Learners won’t be forgotten.

  3. Easier to identify the problems.

  4. A more cohesive culture.

  5. Trainers can form better relationship with trainees.

  6. Learners are more engaged.

  7. The flow of the teaching can be better.

  8. Much less chaos in class.

  9. Easier for trainers.

  10. Many researchers show the result that smaller class can perform better.

Therefore, in 1 classroom in the Pro Trainer program of VSHR Pro Academy, we also only arrange 10 to 15 people for 1 class. This allows our trainers to have more one-on-one time, thereby easily identifying problems with each person to solve in the most thorough way. In addition, the small class size helps to form a better relationship between the teacher and the learners, from which the students will also have the opportunity to participate in the class and contribute their ideas.

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