Pro Trainer - Train the Trainer by VSHR Pro Academy solves the problem of trainer personal branding

Updated: Mar 3

Today, there are millions of trainers offering themselves and their training sessions to the world, all aiming for the same type of audience. The training and speaking sector is inundated with experts in any subject you can think of: marketing, sales, leadership, team development, health, wealth creation, personal finance management, and so on.

From the point of clients, they will have questions: Why should you be hired to complete the work? Why not your rivals? Why should they pick your workshop over another if you host open workshops? What can you accomplish for the audience as a speaker that another in your field can't?

Therefore, having a PERSONAL BRAND as a quality trainer is really NECESSARY.

By joining the Pro Trainer Train the trainer program provided by VSHR Pro Academy, you can have the opportunity to have a trainer certificate, and the opportunity to join the VSHR Pro Academy Trainer pools as a part-time or a full-time trainer. VSHR's certificate is a credible certificate, thanks to VSHR’s many years of experience in training for large organizations in Vietnam and other countries in the Southeast Asia region.

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