Project Management is not just a skill, this is a life success skill, so let's learn it !

When you look around, you see there are a lot of people has a lot of ideas and you see that they want to do many-things. But unfortunately you see that only few of them actually finally do that stuff for to start doing that, take actions on idea. So  statisticians say it around 60 to 70% idea normally always end up staying as an idea the remaining 30 or 20% finally somebody start to do something.

But here is another story, among those 20 to 30% ideas which just initiated, 90% of them dropped out before completion.

Let's just think about yourself in last one year of time there's so many idea was crossing through your mind, how many of them actually you turned them to an action, finally you could start doing it. I mean successfully start doing it. Then its also clear to  you, a high percentage  of ideas you s even did anything. Well, there's a lot of excuse maybe you can bring it up. Example  - don't have enough time, that idea was not good enough or you thought that it is not going to be a positive enough or he had a better idea and so on many other things you can bring it up just to make yourself happy.

I want to focus more about the ideas you decided and start working. But now think about how many percent idea actually you stopped or gave up. I'm sure that high percentage is like 70 to 90% of the idea you stopped. You may find out how many reason why did you stop them ahead of time in excuses you can bring up. I I you like to call them an excuse. Because when you decided to work on something and you find an excuse Define an excuse do not do that anymore. You call that an excuse feel rude about it but leave for myself and for other people excuse is the right word, which you already started to make it happen in real life. The thing you have started to work on is only 10 to 20% portal idea which was crossing through your mind.

The main reason people were trying to make it idea happened in real life competency pure issue. Now you may ask what is that competency issue?

Here is the main key Point starting on something is a one-step for but the true success of any initiative or any idea when it is done. You don't a completion of any pass for project or any idea. I mean you got an idea and you started working on it and you work for that for one month to month 3 month and you stopped giving up on that idea or on that project. Is the outcome of that

The answer is a big zero. When this is not done that means it's has no result it's not bringing any value or to the people around you. There is no value out of your idea which you work for a few days or a few weeks or even a few months coma. That means your ideas result is absolute zero. It's sad isn't it

So now let me get back to the right point. Competency gap which is not letting you completing your idea life - it's called project management skill. The competence is skilled you are struggling is the project management.

This project management is that amazing skill or competency which enables any human being to successfully complete idea initiative which asked you to start to add value. 

your idea could be very small very micro or very weak it doesn't matter if you're Benjamin Steel is there that means you were going to be successfully completing that project completed project which is adding value for the for yourself or the people around you. It's amazing isn't it?

That's why I always call project manager music which enables us to achieve True Result of an idea. Exactly the reason every employers are looking for graduates or employees having a strong project management skill. That's how those has project manager steel can get the things done. And that's exactly the sting every companies corporations of startup looking into  people when they're hiring for their team.

This project management skill set is so amazing that it help to reach goals of your own, personal life or for your family even for your carrier and even your future plan.  Just taking a real small example in your real life.  You want to travel somewhere for a few days. To make it happen you need some sort of funding,  time.  Now the key point is - How much money you going to spend and how much happiness you are going to get from that trip as return.  It's simple you're traveling because you want to have fun, you want to be happy during that time.

If you do a proper project management, you can really have an amazing amount of experience from the trip, and the same time if you don't do a proper planning your trip could be real boring and the return which is happiness we could be very low! 

And that's exactly the reason, very small, to big things, family, future planning, wealth management, career everything thing, everywhere this skill project management is so crucial.  Because this is the skill make us successful in our life, and you know that I was success means how much happy we are in our life. 

That's why we've VSHR Youth Academy Focuses so much for helping Youth and professionals to learn to project management skill so they can be successful and also keep adding value to the people around them. 

That's why we care so much to embed this skills to youth though our contest Vietnam's Amazing Student !! To know more, please visit -

In last two years around 1000 youth participated on this contest.
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