Raise a social entrepreneur (RASE) Scholarship workshop starting on 12th July 2020

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This is the time to turn your IDEAS in to ACTIONs, A PROJECT. Our RASE Scholars of season 2020 are coming with the 3 ideas. And during next 3 months of time, TOGETHER we will

Shape them

Test Them

Grow them

Fine turn them

Empower them

Seed them

And Learn All the SKILLS and BUILD the MINDSET

And turn ideas to projects which is ready for real life test deployment.

The first workshop is happening on 12th July. GUP Team already invited all the selected scholars for the workshop. CONGRATULATIONS !!!

Are you selected for the RASE 2020 scholarship?

YES !! Check your email NOW !!! And pick up the size of your tshirt, and GET READY !! We are excited to see you !!

Did you miss the GUP 2020 intake 1 application? or not being selected due to lack of preparation / time / energy? Let's fight back, apply now for the GUP 2020 intake 2


Remember? - JUST DO IT !!


Chương trình Genius Upskill Program 2020

🌱 Thời gian nhận hồ sơ đợt 2 2020: đến hết ngày 30/09/2020

🌱 Link đăng ký tham dự cuộc thi: https://www.health-revolution.org/gup

🌱 Thể lệ chương trình: http://tiny.cc/GUP-2020

🌱 Youtube Channel: http://tiny.cc/GUPYoutube


Để biết thêm thông tin chi tiết về chương trình, vui lòng xem tại:

🔍 Website: health-revolution.org/gup

🔍 Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/GeniusUpskill


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