RASE is preparing you to grow and have a amazing project development journey

Recently during a mentoring session with John Masud Parvez received one of the mentee presented a problem statement and then John shared his prespective on that problem stative during the mentoring session Though this article we would be the sharing with you that problem and suggestion, so that can also help you as well

I was reading about the 6 hat and while analyzing my business model canvus by"dark hat", it seems really big and so "damn" challenging. How can we move forward and fix all the mess of idea?

John Masud Parvez starts with -

Dont kill yourself always reading Black Hat, you have to wear GREEN and RED hat too ! Make a good balance!

You make the business model, and keep fixing that everday, everyweek, during the program to make it a optimized one. And you gain other skillset during the RASE program and then you will test your project's a part among community by collecting date, survey, analysis etc. Vietnam's Amazing Student contest is an excellent platform for that.

Those will give you amazing insight.

So coding or building the platform is far, at least 8 - 12 months later from now on, Because before start coding, you need to prepare everything to ensure you code the correct platform, which people need extactly. You will get those information based on your engagement with the community from now to next let's say 1 more year.

One more tips, for be shy to tell about your project, also tell you are preparing yourself by RASE program. It will help you to recruit team mate fast, becasue they will think wow, he is preparing, so they will be more confident on you ,
If they see you will give up soon, NO ONE will join you and you will fail..

Make yourself belive that you are doing it as side of your career, you do job in hospital but keep building it, and keep training yourself.

Oh I love this line - I've never conducted a project by myself. - that's why you should DO NOW, because it's late, but it's NOW better than NEVER, If you start now, your journey toward success starts now.

When you are buiding your own project then you need to put a side for competition sometimes out of your mind. Think Nothing to compete but stay focused.

This is the journey. Journey to learn and grow, Day by day. RASE to prepare for your successful journey

The the scholar replied -

Alright, I feel more positive now
Thanks John!

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