Reasons To Combine Email And SMS Marketing

It's no doubt that SMS and email marketing have become a powerful combination due to the popularity of smartphones with which the vast majority of us carry at all times. We'll go over the four reasons why we should combine email marketing and SMS marketing.

Mobile-First Strategy

SMS was created because it is the ideal means for a smartphone. There is an increasing number of people use their phones to check their emails as well. In fact, the vast majority of emails are read on mobile devices, and this trend shows no signs of abating. In a mobile-first world, both email and SMS are designed to be productive. Marketers have figured out how to successfully optimize email content for mobile screens, making it one of the most effective mobile marketing channels. As a result, combining email marketing with SMS almost guarantees that your messages will be noticed by the person receiving through at least one channel.

Complementary Insights

Email and SMS marketing are both very direct response-focused channels. One advantage of performance-focused channels is that they can be easily measured effective performance. Each channel also provides a number of metrics that can be compared and even combined to provide a clear picture of a campaign's success. Not only making it easier to evaluate performance of each channel separately, but also providing a more complete insights of audience engagement and response to the overall campaign. Thus, combining email and SMS is undoubtedly the most trackable and easily evaluated option for marketers.

Sending Timing and Frequency

One of the most significant advantages of both email and SMS is their ability to control the delivery of campaigns and messages since they can control when it reaches customers’ inbox. The immediacy of delivery and shorter response time of SMS and email are huge advantages for marketers who want more control over message delivery timing. Email and SMS delivery timing can be synchronized, which helps to utilize follow-up messages in one channel to boost the performance of another (for example, following up an email campaign with an even more timely SMS campaign).


Email has proven to be one of the most cost-effective digital marketing methods. When it comes to email and SMS, costs are typically at a fairly fixed rate, so the marketer understands that if they want to reach out to a list of a million email addresses or phone numbers, that cost is sated easily in advance.

By VSHR Digital Media

Source: Forbes

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