Recreating Myself podcast To document my journey to give the resources

My name is John Masud Parvez.

  • In Entrepreneurship life, Founder of VSHR Group

  • In my career, I am CIO/ Digital Transformation Director

  • In Passion Life, I am a Conference keynote and TEDx Speaker,

Through this journey, I recreated myself around 7+ times which is a combination of my spirit, health, knowledge, and energy level. On this journey, my passion was my biggest fuel as I position that in the right way.

When I started to recreate myself that time, I found it so difficult as I had to find the truth through the "try and fail" process. It was very scary, time-consuming, and cost more energy. That inspired me to document my journey to "recreate myself", so others could use this as a "user guideline" or "reference" to create themself, become betters, and achieves their dreams.

Yes! by using this resource someone will be able to recreate themselves faster and achieve, goal success earlier than me. And that's absolutely fine to me because the "world should be a better place for the people after me."

If you want to change your present situation, which means a higher position in your career, higher income, higher honor, achievement, starting a new business, and higher happiness then the most important thing is to recreate yourself. And you can pick all the approaches, strategies, and lession learned from my this podcast - Recreating Myself

I will be publishing one episode of our week, Wednesday. So what are you waiting for? let's stay with me, Subscribe to this podcast channel, and let's start your recreating yourself journey with me, and prepare yourself to reach the next better version of yourself.

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