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Recruitment is a compulsory process for a business. The process is performed by an internal recruitment department or an enterprise that hires personnel recruitment services.

Implementation of recruitment must certainly pay through steps such as:

  1. Identify recruitment needs.

  2. Set a recruitment plan

  3. Prepare a job description.

  4. Looking for talented candidates.

  5. Screening and selection.

  6. Interview.

  7. Evaluation and job offer.

  8. Introducing new employees.

The hardest part of recruitment is not finding qualified or suitable candidates, but how to find talent at a reasonable cost and on time. Steps with a high level of budgeting such as searching, screening - selection, interviewing may have different inadequacies.

1. Looking for talented candidates.

In the normal process, businesses will post job vacancies on websites such as TopCV, Vietnamwork, Ybox, ... to find different candidates such as senior managers, people with 2-3 years of experience, good at foreign language or fresh graduates.

It is easy to see that the platform is open to all subjects, the number of candidates is diverse with different levels, qualifications, abilities and experiences. The human resources department must spend a lot of time searching, selecting, evaluating, validating information, scheduling interviews. There are too many steps to take and too much information to manage and record. Easy to make mistakes, confusion, waste time on correcting mistakes

2. Job postings not be found:

From recruitment intent to when a candidate reads a job description, the information cannot be sent one way from the employer to the potential candidate.

There are too many obstacles such as competitors, virtual resumes, passive candidates, and unauthenticated candidate qualifications which appear during that time.

Or even the problem lies in the business when not spending on promoting like others. And this is one of the reasons why the businesses who spend more and more, waiting time is increasing.

3. Hiring obstacles multiply 10 times with start-ups:

The most important thing to run a business is sales. Therefore, start-ups will focus on production process, quality control, promotion, and sales instead of recruiting personnel. In the company, there is not only a CEO but also needs staffs to manage the details in the operation. Therefore, as soon as the start-up has little human resources, the time and cost of recruitment is a burden.

At this time, instead of spending too much on a process, find the right talent recruitment services. RPO by VSHR Pro Academy provides businesses with many levels of HR solutions tailored to the actual needs of each company. Ensuring time and cost are two advantages of VSHR Pro Academy, recruiting all the positions businesses need and providing solutions to problems.

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