After missing appointments with VSHR twice, I had an official meeting with John today. Honestly, this is my first job interview so I was quite afraid that the atmosphere will be formal and strained. However, everything seems to be free than I expected. Sharing some experiences in clubs that I joined John and listening to his advice help me continue realizing something new that could change my mindset in one day. After I short meeting, John made the " interview day" more interesting when he gave me a quote; challenge"... It was not actually a challenge but I love calling all the things I was required to do by that word because it will make myself exciting. My mission was to take part in the Survey Skill workshop and took photos as many as possible. Before that, John said that he likes to see trainee' expression moments and taught me to try to capture them. I love his expectation because I

think if we want to know our activity succeed or not, the participant's behavior and their interaction will tell all.

In today's workshop, the professional and his assistant showed the trainee emergency aid cases and the methods to solve those problems. At first, this is the first time I've watched a live workshop like this because I've only seen these emergency procedures on the Internet before. It was quite interesting and useful for me. I thought that my photography mission would be easy and I could capture many moments of the trainees, however, I was deeply involved in expert tutorials when I just went on a halfway. Actually, I still managed to take some good photos, but I put my mind on emergency guidance and trainee's interaction more. I was very excited when participants were really confident to try those first-aid methods directly and bravely asked questions that can happen by accident in any case. When the program started, I was talking with John and by the afternoon I had my own business to leave early so I could only follow the middle part of the workshop but it seemed that I still had a chance to widen my knowledge. By the time I officially started attending the workshop, his expert and assistant were guiding everyone to the emergency room in case of an abnormality. This emergency is not new to me but when listening to the expert guidance, the amateur ways that I know are not completely true and safe for the victim. When being choked with an object, people tend to pat the victim's back so that the object can go out easier. However, according to professionals that these first aids have to depend on each circumstance because patting method on the victim only when they breathe out. If we pat the victim at the time they inhale, it will make the object go deeper and that person can stop breathing faster.

I realized that what I have seen on the Internet and the actual cases which people usually do is not entirely right. Furthermore, thanks to the question of the participant, I learned that CPR can only be used when the victim is unconscious. For that reason, CPR is a workaround that cannot be used. That's what I learned during the workshop. Although I just learned a few, these lessons still essential for me to protect myself in all cases.