"Share for life" workshop on the last Sunday marked my second trail work day in VSHR. Participants in that day are almost students in medicine major who want to widen knowledge about nutrition and communication.

After introducing, in order to warm up the atmosphere and help people get to know more about VSHR, John started a "Party part" with Kahoot game. As a newbie in VSHR, I have not much knowledge about the field that the organization is following so I had a chance to widen my mind through Kahoot. I know there are many pieces of stuff including different skills that I need to cultivate to survive. For that reason, investing myself is the most important in life and as John said we have to love ourselves first. Even you have everything but all those values are not invested, you will lose all. Continuing with the next questions, I knew the core values of VSHR is "Turn idea to action". Actually, there were 4 options that I think all were available and meaning full such as inspire and motivate, love for everyone, educate and empower. However, through the explanation of John, I realized that all of them are being included in " Turn idea to action" because inspire or empower just can be words and we need to do it to make everything becomes better. Do think what you love and need is right and it may be essential to your dream and demands but sometimes it is not enough for you to survive in this nowadays competitive environment. Hence, I recognized that I need to improve (or invest) myself at first by much knowledge and fundamental skills because it will help me become employable someday in the future such as problem solving and presentation. Those are the important things I learned in the last 2 questions in Kahoot.

End with the "Party section", we were coming to the main topic today is the "Communication part". First things first, all the partakers discussed and talked about communication overall such as what communication is and how to communicate. In my perspective, communication plays an essential role in our life. Without communicate, we have nothing. And people have many ways to communicate on their own. It likes a mystery and interesting world that people desire to get to know more to understand the people who they are talking to. In the past, technology did not develop so people tend to communicate face to face and spend much time on each other. However, in this modern time, we have social media and communication became easier. Not only chatting or facing-time but communicate by social media can also occur through marketing or advertising campaign. Thus, people can absorb information in the fastest way. In the pharmacy field, developing countries had deployed the telemedicine which based on modern technology and citizen's faith.

In my view, telemedicine is really necessary especially in emergency cases and the victim can be saved easier just through the smartphone. Nevertheless, Vietnamese do not actually want to give that effective method a chance to approach deeply in the medical industry. I think there are many reasons for this problem, the generation gap is the one because the professionals in this industry are almost in the middle-age and they are not willing to approach to the modern system such as telemedicine. However, young doctors who want to use the modernization to transmit information, they do not have much trust of the resident. But I think the young generation of this field still needs to boost their strength as good as possible to take faith. Furthermore, they also need to encourage others to open and take full advantage of telemedicine in order to give advice and the first aid anyway and anywhere.

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