Research week of Vietnam's Amazing Student contest's tips

First week you will focus on to research to collect the data. And that data you will analyze to identify the problem and design your solution for that problem. That is the purpose. The video you can make the way you want, but that video should be convincing and be a proof that you actually performed the actions to collect the data. You don't need to show the clip of every interviewees, but you should show some and some part, some exciting reponosese, something very different responses you got from interviewees, raise questions etc. It's completely your choice and your creativity how you will make this video.

An example from Google form report

You can use any ways you want to collect the data. You can collect data from the interviewees for your research by google form, Surveyplanet or any other paper or digital ways. But we recommend you use google form as it saves your data and also help you to analyze easily. But don't forget to create the form inside your project folder on google drive.

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