Updated: Mar 11, 2020

You guys must have been waiting for ages right? But, because I love you all, I do not want to torture you any more so I have decided to post the results 15 minutes earlier than expected!

For Vietnam's Amazing student there were around 150 team registered and among them around 36 team were picked by the Judge panel. The contest has two type of judges

  • VNAS Expert Judge panel

  • Community Judge panel (it's defines by the community vote and interactions.

Vietnam’s Amazing Student 2020 Contest officially published the list of the top 30-35 teams that have the most impressive performances in the elimination round. Here comes the list:

  • Shooting stars

  • Another Me

  • Arongon Project

  • Two Generations

  • KTL - Key To Life


  • The Chandler

  • Companu

  • FYL

  • The Ptolemy

  • Griffins


  • The Phoenix Team

  • M.A.S.H

  • HerBeauty


  • Team KAN

  • Pioneer Shark

  • Addictive Team

  • B-sians

  • HEMP

  • AUB Team

  • The DREAM Team

  • Flaming Cats

  • Aurora

  • The HULMs

  • Flames

  • VID( Vietnamese individual dietary)

  • Bizzare team

  • HaiPhong - Monte

  • Llamas and Badgers

  • N.X Team

  • The Drunk Owl - Hanoi


  • Herogiene

  • Team FA

The introductory videos were extremely intriguing, mind-blowing and impressive, all due to their originality and influential impacts.We, as the Viet Nam Amazing Student’s organization boards, are

very looking forward to receiving more surprises from you all in the next rounds

For the remaining teams that did not make it, don’t be upset because we still have more opportunities down the road to reunite. In the emails sent to you, there was a tiny little secret attached to it so just go and check it out! Any other teams that made it to the next round, our secrets will be disclosed later on!

Mails will be sent to you at 22’30

Wish you success and good luck!

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