Revolution of time: Shades of the millennials

Revolution...a vague concept where we might have heard of it weirdly often yet we never came to fully understand of the word. Each person can come up with their own definition. But then the big question still remains:


From black to white

Like fire and water, night and day, black and white is the basic example of an absolute contrast. However, have you ever wonder what happen during the journey of one color changing to another? Between black and white, there are numerous shades of grey. Each shade is different from the others and holds a certain value to themselves. That journey is revolution.

In addition, we have come a long way to the year of 2019, so far from the pitch black beginning but still nowhere near that bright white future. Together with Tuoi tre, let us take our time and pause at this exact moment to reflect on the shade of this era’s revolution journey, the millennials.

A giant shadow

According to Vietnam Digital in 2018, researched by Hootsuite and Wearesocial (2018), 67% of Vietnamese people use the Internet and 57% of the population use social media. An alerting number! We can no longer deny the impact of Internet on our daily lives. In addition, social media has become a main communication gate of the young generation. It has been easier for us to connect with the world with just one flick of a finger.

However, with big light comes great shadow. People become obsessed and rely too much on the social media channels. Its shadow is so big that now, social media channel is occupying and replacing most of human’s free time. Especially millennials, they are heavily infected with the social media virus which is eating away our response and habit of making an actual physical communication.

The aspiring light

Millennials are highly driven for success more than anyone else. Of course, everybody wants to be successful and achieve great things. For millennials, their ego and self-esteem put an extra motivation as well as burden on themselves. This runs deeply in their vein. As if they are obsessed.

But then again, we have our own ways and choices to make to become a better version of ourselves tomorrow. In the end, our hard work and effort is to aim for a comfortable and happy life with our loved ones. While pursuing your dreams, Tuoi tre just want to remind you to take good care of yourself. Don’t be so stressful. You can always seek help from friends and family.

The loving rainbow

LGBT, it is no longer a strange term to the Vietnamese people yet it still remains a hot topic. Although it is regarded to be wrong and shameful in the past, LGBT is now quite popular among the millennials. There is no right or wrong to this matter or any kind of matter when it comes to love and human affection. Love of all kind is like a rainbow. It cannot be touch yet we can still see it perfectly. That is why it is so beautiful and inspiring.

Love comes from all colours, shapes and sizes. Likewise, millennials have shown their love and affection more than just the scale of couple or family. They show their fair share and care for the community. With their youth and strength, they spend time helping others who are less fortunate wholeheartedly. They are ambitious in having a healthy and happy community. Millennials, they are daring, collectivism and full of affection.

The fiery red of revolution

In conclusion, we have captured some of the distinctive shades and colours of this era’s revolution journey. Although they are various, we hope that the future rested in the hands of the future generation, the millennials will be a bright one.

“Start your revolution journey now.”

Take on your own shades and colours and contribute them into the fiery red of revolution. If you still don’t know where to start, then perhaps Vietnam Social Health Revolution (VSHR) will be a great start for you. For those with the aspiring light and the loving rainbow, VSHR are more than welcome to have you in our team. Together with VSHR, you can revolutionize to that brighter white not just for you but for others, the community, the powerless ones who are in need as well. Become the fiery red now, for a bright future tomorrow.

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