ROI for marketing activities

Companies spend a lot of money on marketing. But the important questions are does it work and whether it is really that effective? These questions can be answered with the help of marketing ROI analysis.

Marketing ROI examples


If blog contains a link to a landing page, use a tracking URL rather than a standard page URL to know how many people are visiting the page straight from the blog. Companies can determine how effective plan is by tracking traffic, leads, and customer conversions linked to a series of posts or articles. If developing ROI-generating content but find that the writing process is taking too long, businesses might want to search for strategies to speed up the process. If not seeing a return on investment, it's time to switch strategy or move on to a different marketing strategy.

Email marketing

While some may consider email to be obsolete, it is still an important marketing method. In fact, for every $1 spent on email marketing, a company might earn $38. Although the return on investment (ROI) may change depending on the size of a mailing list, the type of ad included in the email, and the audience targeted by the email, this marketing tactic may still be worth a company's effort. While you may not need to track the time it takes to create a linked ad or a CTA in an email, you should still keep track of the traffic it generates. It is recommended to use a tracking URL, same as the written content case above.

Video marketing

Producing videos, like any other form of content marketing, requires time and money, as well as the purchase or rental of film equipment or editing software. When developing and producing a marketing video, utilize these suggestions to record it cheaply and keep track of the overall cost of labor, equipment, and advertising. Make sure to figure out how to measure the effectiveness of your video. For example, if you publish a video on social media, include a tracking URL in the post caption that leads to the product's landing page. Companies can then see how many people were brought to the page as a result of the video post.

Sponsored content

When a brand lacks the time or resources to generate their own branded media, they may pay another individual, publisher, or company to create sponsored content on their behalf. While hiring someone outside of the company will cost organization money, consider the additional hours will have to work on other productive tasks if they are not required to write content. While you do not need to track your own employees' labor expenditures, you will want to utilize the ROI calculation to analyze how the payment for paid advertising compares to the amount of money you earned from the campaign.


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