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What are the highlights solution of RPO by VSHR Pro Academy service in the recruitment process? Why those called Essential Solution?

While the hight cost HR solution which recruit high level employees and the cheap solution which provide the unreliable service, RPO by VSHR Pro Academy choose the market segmentation of affordable recruitment service. We invest all resources based on clients' need and RPO's recruiters help businesses collect the CV.

Approach active, passive candidates in job search

Business will no longer be afraid of passive candidates or spending much time in seeking and choosing talents, because RPO by VSHR Pro Academy will approach both active and passive candidates for finding the most suitable staffs for business.

Approaching foreign candidates living in Vietnam

In some international businesses, they always want to find foreign candidates to conduct some specific projects which need experiences in another country, another market. But business find difficulty in seeking candidates on recruitment website, because these websites are for the local people.

With RPO, we provide essential solution which includes finding expat candidates. VSHR Pro Academy has more than 30 international recruitment professionals who can help business solve their problems in recruitment.

There is no effort from our clients.

Because RPO service provide the recruitment process from A to Z, our recruiter will be the first people who meet and test the candidates's ability, knowledge and experiences. After that, we will send to clients short list of candidates for the final round.

✅ Support for applying for all positions businesses need

RPO not only no need the clients pay in advance, we deliver all the job first and the clients will pay after but also recruit all levels in the business from 30 to 60 days on time. Moreover, the insurance period of the essential solution is last about 7 days. It will be easier for businesses to evaluate the candidates' ability.

Is your business in urgent need of candidates? Are you struggling between the new risks and problems that are occurring in the process?

👉🏼 Click on the link, connect and share the problem you are facing, we will provide you with the right solution:https://www.health-revolution.org/rpo.html


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