RPO by VSHR Pro Academy - 2nd Solution - Pro Solution

Following the basic and necessary services of Essential Solution, VSHR Pro Academy continues to deploy Pro Solution at HR solutions service - talent search!

The PRO Solution still have the basic stages which the same as the Essential Solution. By KICK OFF stage and Talent Searching stage, we invest all resources based on clients' need and RPO's recruiters help businesses collect the CV.

Especially, there is Expert Interview in the PRO solution. That means recruitment professionals of VSHR Pro Academy will help business to conduct a deeper interview with candidates for better evaluation.

▶️ With the highlight of insurance period of more than 20 days along with the process of supporting agreements with candidates on salary, legitimate benefits, we believe that this will be the most suitable and flexible HR solution for businesses in need!

We find qualified people to change the company's future!

"Improving solutions - improving the future of the business" is the core value of RPO - VSHR Pro Academy!

👉🏼 Click on the link, connect and share the problem you are facing, we will provide you with the hr solution that best suits your business: https://www.health-revolution.org/rpo.html


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