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Which was the success and appropriate recruitments campaign?

20% of headhunter companies in the market are aimed at a long-term service plan - 3 to 4 months. But it is practically not necessary to spend 3-4 months to find the right potential candidate, which costs both the time and cost of the business.

60% of recruitment companies are low-cost services, finding candidates in a short time, but will not guarantee the quality of service and find candidates on time. So most of them are unreliable recruitment agency, they will make the project fail and waste the clients' time.

About the cost, RPO by VSHR Pro Academy have the affordable price level for our clients and also make sure about deliver candidates on time. Instead of charging fee before finding candidates, RPO will listen first to clients needs to find out the suitable and talent list of candidates. After providing the final candidate's list and clients agree with that, there will be the payment base on the contract.

✅ VSHR Pro Academy's RPO not only follows the business process from A to Z, but also recruits all the positions that businesses need. In addition, the success of the business recruitment campaign is priority!


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