RPO by VSHR Pro Academy - Recruiting should be a equal transaction

In modern life, everyone is required equal treatment to anyone.

At work, we do not like men to underestimate a woman's abilities. In life, every house chores should be divided into coordinates. In the relationship, we like talking to a person who sincerely and truly listens to our sharing.

In the recruiting process, there is a relationship between recruiters and candidates. This relationship is easily misunderstood that

"Candidates need work and recruiters give the work to them"

Because of this mindset, most of the company's consultants always act harshly with candidates, especially with the graduated person. They stand in a high position to interview and talk to candidates. They will make candidates feel nervous, pressured and afraid of the interview process. In this way, the candidates will have a terrible first impression of the company. Moreover, the company's employer branding will be awful when the candidates tell their friends and other communities about the attitude of the company's recruiters.

RPO by VSHR Pro Academy has more than 30 experienced recruiters from international companies. So they can help companies to find and approach the talent Pool, to make sure that the company's branding will not be affected by that accident from the internal recruiters.

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