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Almost all companies use the same recruitment process to find suitable candidates. Unfortunately, the usual hiring process takes more than 90 days to go through many steps.

Which were 90 days mentioned?

When the company need to hire people, their first reaction is "We need to post the hiring news on the recruitment channel to reach out to more people"! That means the company need to pay for the announcement and spend two to three weeks waiting for candidates.

After the first step, the Human Resources (HR) team will take about one week to make both long and short-listed candidates and send them to the hiring manager. Moreover, the hiring managers need to select, then send back to the HR team schedule the interview time one by one with the candidates until they choose out the most suitable one.

It is easy to imagine and understand the amount of work that needs to finish in a long time. Before the company send the candidate the offer letter, they still have to make a conversation about salary and other deals.

So, How can the RPO - Recruitment Process Outsourcing of VSHR Pro Academy help you reduce your time? When the company use the RPO service, they do not have to spend much time because RPO finishes all the steps from sending the job description to interviewing candidates one by one. The company only need to choose out the most suitable candidates from the RPO's short-list interviewees. That means the company can use those long periods of hiring time to focus on other business works and the RPO will send the company the final choice.

How can the RPO do that?

RPO of VSHR Pro Academy has the sources of talented candidates from the VSHR Pro Academy training program. Besides that, more than thirty skilled recruitment consultant managers of the RPO help the company solve hiring problems.

What are you waiting for? Let's connect and tell us the problems you are facing!

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