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Updated: Mar 6

Why and how Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) can solve your recruitment service challenge for your company

To require good candidates in the company, Human Resources (HR) department need a Talent Acquisition service team in the internal headhunter. But it is difficult for companies now, because if they want to have an internal headhunter, the company has to fix salary for everyone. However, after the Covid-19 Pandemic, almost all companies are facing financial problems, the barrier of international cooperation and employees' online-working connection. Moreover, many companies focus on the main business activities such as researching, producing, promoting, selling and training people all over the time. Therefore, the companies' budget for these main actions becomes the priority and the internal human resources (HR) department is forgotten naturally by the enterprises.

This problem is popular and not only one company's barrier. All enterprises allocate few resources in HR and the internal HR department. Although HR must work for candidates' recruitment and help the company find talented people in suitable work positions, HR staff pay attention to administration work, paperwork and admin work to help another department finish some small and simple mission. That is the main reason for having few resources in the internal HR department and these HR staff do not have the real chance to do work about talent acquisition.

Day by day, the businesses do not plan to train their HR staff about hunting skills and do not give them the chance to recruit candidates seriously. Therefore, those internal HR staff who do not have headhunting skills lack knowledge about using some recruitment platform to find candidates for the enterprise.

Lacking resources and hunting skills are two main barriers to the reach of successful talent acquisition action. The company do not want to solve this problem by investing finance in the headhunting department.

Therefore, RPO - Recruitment Process Outsourcing service by VSHR Pro Academy is the best choice for the company to break the HR barrier.

You can take more information about RPO - Recruitment Process Outsourcing service through our website: https://www.health-revolution.org/rpo.html


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