RPO by VSHR Pro Academy - Vietnam Job Market Update 08/04/2022

Vietnam Job Market update is essential for both companies and candidates. It helps entrepreneurs to catch and change the recruitment plan to build a more successful recruitment campaign.

VSHR Pro Academy not only provides a good solution for businesses, but also helps the community to go through their work barriers.

Work is a part of life! We focus on finding qualified people to change the company's future.

The IT industry has decreased from 1300 positions in last week to more than 1000 positions on 8th April. However, it's still the highest data in the whole market.

Besides that, the second highest group includes Banking, Finance, Insurance and another stand-out industry is Retail which made out nearly 250 positions.

After increasing, The technology industry's had a downstream status from the 2nd April. It means that who would like to apply should act faster to get the right job position.

The same as the technology industry banking and finance industry's had the downstream status from 2nd April. However, the Insurance industry is the stable one which made out 86 positions.

In last week, the job requirement of Retail increased sharply. After hiring candidates, this industry's had the downstream status.

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