RPO by VSHR Pro Academy - Vietnam Job Market Update - 18/03/2022

In the 4.0 industry, the job market update is essential for both companies and candidates.

Information on the job market is easier for the company to know the necessity of the total market. In that way, the company can predict the number of works and also the products in a different industry.

For the candidates, this information can help them imagine easily about the job opportunity and the career improvement potential in an organization.

In the bar chart, we can see that IT was located in the first place in the market which was nearly 800 job positions. Out of the technology industry, Banking was in the second place which made out closely 200 positions. After the previous month, candidates who work in the technology industry still have many chances to offer a suitable job.

About the market change of Financial industry, the data fell from 4th in March. However, the work position of Banking has increased slightly from 11th and keep growing up to nearly 200 positions. People who want to offer in this industry still have many opportunities.

The most significant data is Real Estate which fell from 11th March. But in this industry, Construction had the biggest drop from 36 positions to lower than 20 positions. Candidates who want to offer in this industry need to work harder and perform in the interview.

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