RPO by VSHR Pro Academy - Vietnam Job Market Update - 25/03/2022

Continuing to update the fluctuation in the number of vacancies from mid-February to the end of March, VSHR Pro Academy summarizes and lists the highlights of job trends of the professions.

After the positions are announced and recruited, the number of job positions decreases equal to the greater the competitiveness. However, some occupations tend to increase compared to last week's figures, and that's an opportunity for existing candidates looking to find work in their respective occupations.

After recruiting about one month, the work positions of IT still was the highest which is closed to 500 positions. As well as Internet and Software, the opportunities in those industries have increased much. At the second place, the work position of Banking have made out more than 100. There are still the big difference between IT industry and another works.

In the past month, IT and software have changed much more than the Internet. Data on March 25 shows that the Internet has nearly the same number of vacancies as IT - 500 positions. Software tends to decrease in the future.

After one month of recruitment, the number of vacancies in the Finance industry is now down to 130, similar to the Banking industry. Meanwhile, the insurance industry has the lowest recruitment demand, only about 50 positions.

By March 25, when the construction industry and real estate trade showed no signs of increasing, the real estate industry in general tended to increase to more than 40 vacancies, this is a good opportunity for real estate candidates.

Recruitment demand in the retail industry has the most fluctuations, currently ranked 2nd with nearly 70 vacancies. The civil goods industry after a period of decline, currently tends to increase gradually to more than 75 positions.

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