RPO - Discovering Amazing People Who Can Change the Future of Your Company

Your organization’s success hinges on the ability to attract and retain talents. Having the right personnel at the right time is the key to the maximum level of efficiency, especially in these times of uncertainty. As our tagline says: “We find amazing people who can change the future of your company”, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) does more than just hiring, we transform your talent acquisition team, handle shifting priorities, and optimize your organization’s productivity.

As mentioned earlier in our previous article, RPO is a process where a company transfers a part or all of its recruitment to an external party. An RPO provider acts as an extension of the company's HR function, providing them with a holistic hiring approach.

What exactly are the benefits of using RPO instead of your internal recruiting team?

1/ RPO provides flexibility and scalability

The number of staff the company needs vary throughout the year depending on high and low demand as well as set targets. It must be tough to determine exactly the level of talent required each time, and this is a chance for RPO to handle.

In particular, by screening and evaluating specific requirements, RPO can ensure that the right number of the most talented and fitting personnel will be hired according to the company's demand. In addition, RPO also reinforces the recruiting process for new labor market opportunities.

2/ RPO helps enhance your employer branding

Let’s face a fact, high quality candidates are wanted by all other companies, not just yours. Thus, the importance of presenting a good image for your company has now been increasingly important in a way that if the in-house recruiting department does not present the real value and reward process of the company, securing a spot for talented individuals would be challenging.

RPO, in this sense, while researching the company’s brand and value, also creates a recruiting system where key messages of the company are thoroughly communicated to potential employees, highlighting the reasons why they should consider the company instead of any other one.

3/ Seamless compliance with local regulations and requirements

RPO does not go beyond the law, we obey the law. We know that recruiting regulations vary depending on countries, and we try our best to be conversant with the governing rule. As recruiting rules are constantly evolving, a poorly structured recruitment process or inexperienced recruiting department can pose a question to candidates about the company’s credibility.

With extensive knowledge in labor laws and experience in working with lots of organizations, RPO providers like us can prevent employers from engaging in non-compliant practices, ensuring a minimal risk recruiting process while also securing top-notch employees.

4/ RPO provides access to talent pool

Companies are always looking for the “right” one. A number of factors go into identifying that “right” thing, and it’s for sure that companies are less advanced than a RPO provider in searching and bringing the right fit for the organization.

That being said, RPO providers, most of the time, own an exclusive database of personnel, especially personnel for these vital positions. By making use of that database, RPO providers have a constant stream of available candidates, ensuring the client company an easy access to an extensive talent pool.

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