RPO - Vietnam Job Market Updated - 01/04/2022

The most prominent metric in the graph is still in the tech industry information in general, in which IT vacancies increased dramatically compared with the previous period from 500 to more than 1300 positions. At this stage, behind the information technology industry is the retail industry.

The trend of Vietnamese industry at the moment has fluctuations in an upward direction. The number of recruitment in the technology and information industry still holds the highest position in the labor market, this is a good opportunity for students to practice as well as more extensive career opportunities with information technology experts in general.

As technology - information industry, the finance - banking and insurance industries, after a gradual decline, the number of vacancies has increased. Banks top the group with 300 positions, 206 finance and 184 insurance.

The most surprising point this month was the advancement of the retail industry with more than 450 vacancies. This is a big change and means that the workload of the retail industry tends to increase, which is a good opportunity to get a stable job.

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