Seeding the Inspiration Workshop

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Seeding the Inspiration is apart of VSHR Success Factor Program
Seeding the Inspiration workshop

Social development is all about passion as social develop is something requires time, idea, efforts and also strategies. To overcome those what is required - the "incredible passion".

John was inspiring the the trainees to take are in social development initiatives
Seeding the Inspiration Speaker John Masud Parvez

That's why we organize this "Seeding the Inspiration" workshop to pass along that "incredible passion" to other members/people, so they will also move forward to do social develop, help the community.

One last thing we also would like to say - when you help the community you actually help yourself, your own family too, because you or your family both are parts of the community.

We are glad to share with you some shots of our last "Seed the Inspiration" workshop.

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