Seem - an Innovative Sperm Count Mobile App Winning Grand Prix at Cannes Lions 2017

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Dentsu Y&R - a reputable advertising agency controlled by Dentsu, has hit the headlines by winning the Grand Prix at Cannes Lions 2017 with its sperm count smartphone app called “Seem”. The app was aimed to develop an innovative approach to the issue of male infertility in Japan via a self-testing app on smartphones.

The challenges

In Japan, it is reported that 1 in every 6 couples has suffered from infertility and 48% of the cases were due to the man. However, most of them naturally assume that the problem lies with the woman or are embarrassed about having a sperm test at the hospital. Dentsu Y&R Japan, entrusted by Recruit Lifestyle Co., Ltd, came up with a solution which not only provided couples suffering from infertility a convenient self-testing kit but also encouraged men to go to the hospital to get the accurate diagnosis and right treatment.

Strategy & Execution

Dentsu Y&R created a mobile app called “Seem”, allowing men to test their sperm quality in private and comfort from their own home. The self-testing kit consisted of a tiny lens that can be attached to the smartphones. Once men put a drop of semen on the lens, “Seem” would use the camera on the smartphones to shoot video and analyze the quality of sperm, in terms of count, density and mobility. Besides, the agency also produced a short film named “The Family Way”, along with a website to promote the “Seem” system.

The result

The self-testing kit has been a top-selling item within the health category on Amazon Japan. There are 33% of men seeking medical treatment after using Seem. In 2017, Dentsu Y&R won the Grand Prix - the highest award at the Cannes Lions. The impressive success of “Seem” has strongly promoted the development of hacking technologies and the use of creativity to address social problems.





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