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Self-learning is the most important thing that students and entrepreneurs should have. We can spend our time in the class with teachers and classmates. We may be word-hard about practicing and doing exercises after the courses for more understanding, but we also can be lazy and just spend a lot of time remembering a thousand things in one night before testing.

Therefore we can see that learning is dependent on ourselves. If we have enough passion and a clear target for our career and life, we can succeed.

Fortunately, thanks to big data on the internet, people can learn and understand everything they want to know. They can use keywords to search the word they want to say and the new knowledge they want to know.

However, the main barrier to the internet is the massive amount of information. People always spend many times finding the correct and reliable answer. When they need to finish the work in a limited time, they are stuck with many suggestions and opinions from different sources of knowledge.

That’s why VSHR Pro Academy built the Ask John Show for helping people find their right person and the suitable suggestion to follow up.

“Anybody who is interested in learning should definitely get into your channel. And I believe that it’s a great value and it’s a great way to learn and keep ourselves updated and keep up with the trend of what's going on!”

That's what our guests - Ms. Samira K. - CMO of Renova Cloud said in our show!

This is the passion of VSHR Pro Academy and we will keep sending those value to community, to make the world better!

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