SEO Case Study: Lloyds Pharmacy Online Doctor & Their Successful SEO Campaign

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

In 2014, Lloyds Pharmacy Online Doctor teamed up with Click Consult to enhance their organic traffic and search visibility. The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign has produced satisfactory outcomes, not only exceeding the primary objectives of Lloyds Pharmacy but also generating a considerable reputation for Click Consult.

The challenges

Lloyds Pharmacy Online Doctor, founded in 2002, is a registered doctor-led initiative providing safe, reliable and personalised remote online healthcare to people in the UK. The service is aimed to offer patients an additional channel to privately consult about health problems that they may find embarrassing or uncomfortable to express via face-to-face communication. Having established partnerships with both the National Health Service (NHS) and private organizations, Lloyds Pharmacy Online Doctor is passionate about providing remote medical services to almost every patient across the UK.

Strategy & Execution

With a view to increasing organic traffic and improving search visibility, Lloyds Pharmacy teamed up with Click Consult - a reputable SEO & PPC Search and Digital Marketing agency, to create an SEO campaign. Instead of using PPC ads to drive online traffic, the campaign decided to rely on SEO as a much more efficient and cost-saving online marketing tool.

The strategy was to enhance the backlink profile of Lloyds Pharmacy Online Doctor’s website by undertaking blogger, social and PR outreach. They accessed relevant influencers within the online pharmaceutical industry and invited them to showcase innovative and creative content to their followers. Their “Let’s Type About Sex” campaign, producing high-quality app and animations, has hugely facilitated editorial placement and boosted blogger engagement.

The results

The search campaign has achieved impressive success and acquired a great reputation for effectively fulfilling its objectives and delivering commercial results. Some of the impressive numbers include:

  • The number of page-1 terms increased to 36

  • 144% increase in organic sessions

  • 43% increase in overall sessions

  • 77.59% increase in organic revenue

  • 17% increase in online revenue



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