Share for life for creating future social childcare advisors

Our children are the future. They are all come to our community and it's their human right to have a good family, good education, proper nutrition so they can grow up in right way and contribute for the development family, community, nation or to the overall human race.

That's why we have created LIVE AND LOVE course inside Genius Upskill Program. To create more social child champion who will be learning and also will be sharing to the community, help them grow their children in the right way.

It was the 3rd mentoring session for our LIVE AND LOVE scholars, Dr Xuan was the mentor and was mentoring about "Breastfeeding".

We are are very delighted to see the motivation of all the scholars of Live and Love course, so we also organize Quiz to inspire them as well. We use one mobile educational technology to run that quiz as game, and it was a blasting fun learning for the scholars. We also provided a gift which represent the "passion" and "Spirit" of VSHR as well to Share for life scholar Hang, Student of University of Medicine and Pharmacy at Ho Chi Minh.

Wanna know what were our topics and details of the today's workshop? Please have a look at the slides of today's workshop here

Don't know about it? Or wanna be the scholar for 2019 season? Apply now !!

We are looking forward to seeing you.

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