Skills You and Your Company Need To Tackle Covid-19

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Covid-19 has brought enormous amounts of uncertainty all over the world. Billions of people and thousands of businesses were greatly affected by its dreadful effect. Many businesses were forced to close down. Millions of workers had to move to work from home. Now the biggest question is “What have we learned throughout the pandemic and what are the skills that we now need to thrive post-pandemic?”.

Stephanie, the author of “9 Skills You’ll Need to Succeed in a Post-coronavirus Business World” has outlined great points that employers/employees might need to not only survive the era of post-pandemic but to also thrive.


Leadership is one of the most common known skills that most, if not all employers are looking for to their team. Leadership is not just about giving orders to others. It’s definition has widely expanded to being a good role model, taking initiative, taking action, and having good communication skills (Stephanie L, 2021). Leadership is much needed as things are gradually going back to normal because it helps unite people. It is the skill that encourages growth, development and progress (Stephanie L, 2021).

Flexibility and Adaptability

Undoubtedly, Covid-19 has brought so much problem to the whole world, but one of the things that Covid-19 spread is uncertainty. Many countries and businesses are caught off guard by the detrimental impact of Covid-19. Stephanie L (2021) suggested that to thrive in a post coronavirus business world, one needs to be flexible and adaptable to changes. When looking for a team member be sure that they can handle the volatility of situations. Things happen quickly and unexpectedly so thinking fast and acting even faster is much needed in any industry. The ability to adapt to environment and situation must be on the top of the list when looking for desired skills post-pandemic (Stephanie L, 2021).

Be a Lifelong learner

This skill is close to the aforementioned skill. Being a lifelong learner is needed now more than ever. “According to the World Economic Forum, in just five years, 35 percent of the skills deemed essential today will change. There’s only one way to remain relevant in a post-coronavirus reality: commit to a lifetime of learning.” (Marr, 2020). With the great and fast advancement in technology, being up to date and being a consumer of new knowledge is a must. The world is moving quickly, and people who commit to learning and understanding new knowledge are rewarded in any situation. This is very much proven when Covid-19 struck the world.



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