Social Development Factory (SDF) and Shark Tank

I have an interesting story to share with you, which just happened yesterday (19th Sep 2019).

Though our information exchange one of the facilitators of Shark Tank figured out that, we are going to organize Social Development Factor 2019. So they requested me to provide details, so I also provided them details and also welcomed them to be part of our initiative as well.

Then I found something really even interested in to their point of view! Rather than inspire and even support our initiative, that person were raising a point to me, if SDF is a copy of the their shark tank!

Then I realized that I am raising to the wrong person or at least that person not in a mood to do something for social development at that point of state yesterday. I explained, it's not a copy of shark tank because, - Shark tank is just for selling stake to investor. but here

SDF is the community, where we establish social development projects with companies though social sharks, so our impacts and purpose is much more bigger than that.

However over all I enjoyed having this discussion and learnt new things as well. So my last piece of response of discussion was this

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Your sharing even inspiring us even more. Because you shared a very controversial point of view. There is no SDF like model in Vietnam for non profit. I will keep you posted our other initiative. 
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