Social Development, helping people is not a TALK, it's regular actions, believe and passion

Today something happened and that turned today is an upsetting day for me. I would like to share with you that sorry.

I have a friend, who is active in development and startup segment. And he is also someone who cares about social development that's what made us even closer. He invited me to speak and attend his university event at Can Tho but he set the set the date on 10th April. It's weekday and how can I addend something like this on a weekday? I was already upset because I cant share our Support to those students and also help them to give a way forward. Then he did a lot of efforts but could not move the event due to university administration. Then he was sharing his long breath and told me

"Balance" is the most importance"

Then I told him

"Balance is important but for me positive impact is most important"

I am also sad that, that event could not move to weekend. I would happy to be there and share what we are doing for them, connect them. People always talk , talk, talk on social development when you open TV you feel like there are too many smart people on this country. But when you look at then you see actually how many of them doing social development? Doing social development market product? You want to see impact, look the Vietnam's Amazing Student contest. Our 30 nationwide contestant teams created around 150 video and got around 350,000 social interaction in 1 month of time !

Something which create a wave which help people think /do right way, save people from future disaster, help them prepare for a better future etc. That's call positive impacts, and it requires doing , doing in sustainable approach.

I told my friend

Have a look at that link , you are PART of it too!

Then my friend said,

Yes right but
I would like you travel with me!

Then I just could reply to my great friend

Will do for you, with you for positive impact!

Ya, people can call me crazy, out of mind, hobby man, some people may think I am too free so I do it. For those people I just want to say this -

I am doing it last 6 years, it's not my hobby it's the way I believe our life. I turned in to this person it could be a selfless person, I dont know. But what I know and I believe is - Weekday I work for my corporation, so I work with my best efforts, everything I do in my job is to make things better for my corporation. It's NOTHING like I need a job so I do that. But I do this way because -

I always proud for giving back to my company, give more to my company than what I get from my company. And I expect my company will be always fair to me as well!

And at the same time, I also work to my best ability to give back to the community for Vietnamese people from everything I have too. Every week 5 days for my corporation and 2 days for helping community. You cant believe how million things I go though every day, if you don't have a life or me or never seen someone like me closely.

Ya for me, maybe nothing left after that. But it's ok. I will leave the world with nothing too anyway!

Now one of my another friend said while I was talking - John you have annual leave. Why you don't take them?

John Masud Parvez with his Mom at beach

"Like everyone I also have parents. They are aging. Unfortunately I cant meet them, be with them like everyone.
But I have responsibility to take care of them and spend time with them. So 75% of my annual leave is only for them. Rest 25% time I spend to attend or speak different international conferences. It's my knowledge development and sharing process. It cant be changed."
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