Social network and Technology

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Who are social workers? Social workers are the superheroes of the modern age who are taking care of their own life, family and also people in to the community. In Vietnam Social Health Revolution we have currently 250+ social workers who are empowering 15 projects moving forward to bring the support to the Vietnamese people.

So Vietnam social health Revolution strongly believes to empower the members, so they can bring better positive impact for the community and also develop themselves for their own career, life. That's why VSHR has design the program named 'Success Factor'. Success factor is a development workshop series which creates those important skill set among VSHR members to maximize their ability.

6th January 2019, was the day VSHR organized one success factor workshop based on 'Social Network and Technology'. John Masud Parvez was the trainer for this work. Why the social workers need "Social network" and "Technology"?

Answer of this question is actually lying on the question itself. Social workers are working in the society, and social network is the tool here for them to connect to the society, and here technology is the weapon which can make those connections more efficient, effective and building that connection can take less effort. On this workshop the VSHR members were learning this technologies.

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