Social Revolution NPO model by John Masud Parvez, Founder of VSHR

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Traditionally there was only model for non profit organization (NPO) which was being bellowed for centuries. But main issues this model faced is on scalability of it's operation as it was always being capped understand it fund and grants.

Then on 1980s Dr Yunis invented a new model for NPOs which is named as "Social Business". It took around 25 years and then this model become very successful and directly impacted the poverty problem. Due to that he won the most prestigious award - Nobel Prize.

Though VSHR, the founder of VSHR John Masud Parvez established an another new NPO model during last 3 years of time, which is called as - Social Revolution Model. John was explaining the impact, structure and how effective is this model now and how much more effective it will in up coming future at international design summit which was held at TIME SQUARE Ho Chi Minh.

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