TEDx and creation of VSHR Social Impact Club at Fulbright University

Why do we need Social Impact club? Are those social impact club are really able to create social impact?

Critics will always love raising the question. But we know raising a question is always a very easy thing to do compare doing that thing ! VSHR never give up on the youth, particularly on the students. That's why VSHR always share the values, skill and passion with the yough, so they can be inspired, upskilled and also come up with greater good for the Vietnamese people.

22th January 2019, was a bright evening as on this day VSHR organized a TEDx event at Fulbright University to share the stories it went thought to form a social organization, how a social research turn in to social organization. And it was an outstanding opportunity to setup the flag of social impact and also roar out together - SOCIAL IMPACT!! The Key note slides of this TEDx can be found here

22th January 2019 evening, turn in to remarkable evening as that's the day VSHR and Fulbright University worked together to create the VSHR Social Impact Club in Fulbright University. The key purpose of this club is to enable the club members with the passion and skill so they can be amazing positive change makers. The club members will be working on to bring different social impact projects of VSHR to the Fulbright University and also area around district 7, and help them. You can see all the social impact projects of VSHR is here

On this journey VSHR has called for application to form the first leadership team of the VSHR social Impact club at Fulbright University (VSI Fulbright). To join this club, the applicants are requested to send their - CV/resume, top 3 skills and a letter explain why they would like to join this club. Application will be taken over email at - john@health-revolution.org and deadline for application is 28th Feb 2019. After that, VSHR will call for a meeting with the applicants to understand and know each other for the selection. Interested? Submit your details soon!

During the TEDx at Fulbright VSHR also shared about the social development contest - Vietnam's Amazing Student, which is working on to upskill Vietnamese student to help them find their passion, make them more employable and create social entrepreneur skill inside them. The registration for the contest is open now. Are you a inside the age group 16 - 24? Register now here

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