The 3 year anniversary of Vietnam Social health Revolution (VSHR)

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It's 12th May, and this has been the completion of 3 years. Our mission, vision, passion and our BELIEF have got 3 years maturity and 3 years older now. I give 100% of this credit of our this challenging but successful meaningful journey to VSHR members, leaders, mentors, ambassadors, former members, every well wishers, sponsors. All these combined efforts have progressed us to this far, and with all of you, we will be successful in our mission, and it will definitely happen because we have outstanding people like you in our mission.

I would like to share some specific messages to


You live a life where you simply throw away your life comfort, making sacrifices for a greater good, put efforts like unstoppable machines, for a great belief with a big smile. I deeply appreciate and recognize your every passion, energy you put together in consistent matters. You are the Heros/ heroines of VSHR, which turned VSHR into a real life avenger team. Love you all with 100% of my heart. You are all unbelievably amazing!


You are our honor, our future, and highly energetic power house. I deeply believe that you all will become the VSHR's super hero/heroine v2.0. I am 100% confident in each of your abilities, passions and mindset. So certainly you will take this successful meaningful mission moving forward and will achieve bigger goals in VSHR, which we could not do yet. You are our future Heros/ Heroine. I myself and team will put every possible energy, passion, resources to bring you to the top of your success and potential.


You are our brain, our encouragement and wisdom bank. I truly appreciate and admire each of your passion, energy to overcome your all life challenges to show up and give your knowledge, wisdom to our meaningful initiatives and make our social initiative successful. Everytime I see you, I see how deeply BELIEF and CARE you put in your actions. Hands off honor to each of your contributions and will forever want to have your with us.


Thank you very much for living with the same mindset to help people, developing people and take part in the social responsibility. There are many who did not realize this yet. But your actions, belief have set an example for them to realize the importance and will definitely encourage others to follow you. Hands off honor to each of your contributions, time and will forever want to have you with us.


I deeply appreciate all the former members who even contributed a simple day with our initiative. Among you many even contributed for months or even years. I always deeply appreciate and remember your contributions. And I truly believe you have an amazing fire like passion inside you to make this world a better place. Life pushed you to the other directions but I know you will always find your way back to your passion and fire. Thank you very much!


Sorry as usual It expressed like I forgot all of you and never showed up in our meetups. But I never forget any of you, I know the last 3 years I could explain and help most of you why I work on a mission, vision of VSHR. Thank you very much for keeping me always in your best wishes, I always believe in each of your love, care and wishes for me. Thank you very much my dear friend. THANK YOU !

NB: We are not doing the founder's day celebration this year, as we will be using that fund, resources for our upcoming scholarship programs. But I am sure we will have a great VSHR MEMBER's DAY. :)

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