The best channels for healthcare marketing

Going through the healthcare marketing landscape in the past few years and beyond, the researchers reported that digital platforms had by no means killed traditional marketing in the healthcare segment before the COVID-19 pandemic surging: 86% of respondents using digital marketing tactics for targeting consumers (digital ads, websites, social media, etc.) directly, and 77% report using non-digital marketing tactics (prints, outdoors, TV, etc.). In other words, most healthcare marketers have been using a mix of traditional and digital marketing campaigns, not purely one type or the other. Digital hasn't proved its paramount role since there are significant differences in the various marketing channels among different healthcare firms, leading their strategic plan to focus on a particular market segment or niche.

But after all, healthcare companies should always be flexible for adapting to the newfound needs of audiences as one of the impacts of novel coronavirus pandemic is the rise of the virtual world. And social media optimizations following the most recent trends and requirements are the need of the day. It will be best to determine which channels are the most effective for your brand and target audiences' insights. These channels below are suggested as the necessary support for the health care business in this regard.

1. Facebook:

Facebook is one of the social media giants, with roughly 2.89 billion users belonging to various demographics, and thus, it is a great medium to connect and engage with prospective customers. From brand awareness to brand advocacy campaigns, every call-to-action and interaction amongst your patients can help attract more prospects and followers. Moreover, Facebook Ads is a tactically feature offering the healthcare firm an instant result-generating means by targeting directly to your likely consumers.

2. LinkedIn:

This platform can be considered as a pioneer in B2B relationship-building since the primary purpose of LinkedIn is to help you connecting with business professionals and targeting them by industry. Healthcare companies can utilize LinkedIn group features to form a group for their specific market segments and invite others in your target niche to join. It's a great way by gathering key prospects and delivering legitimately focused information and value to this group simultaneously to achieve healthy and dependable partnerships for your business's goals in the long run.

3. Television:

In the third quarter of 2020, Vietnamese internet users spent average 2 hours 40 minutes per day watching television and content delivered via streaming and video-on-demand services, more than 16 hours a week. TV is still a monster among advertising media platforms for the healthcare system because of the characteristics of availability and accessibility. It's well accepted that the older we get, the more likely we have to access the healthcare system.

4. YouTube:

There is very little that can rival video when it comes to engagement, and that's why TV ads have been a holy grail of marketing in the past decades and why YouTube is flourishing as it is. Interestingly, you should be aware that YouTube is not just a video website but also the second largest search engine (following after Google). YouTube helps you distribute videos that search engine optimized can yield many views and thereby increase the brand's visibility. Video can personalize your health brand and make it more approachable in a specific industry where people are often intimidated by doctors and medical devices but still want to connect with healthcare professionals intimately.

One of the important things marketers can do is employ a multi-pronged approach. Different people encounter content and information differently, so only distributing your marketing plan in one channel will limit the opportunity to reach and engage potential prospects. If you want to have broad audiences, you should implement your healthcare marketing campaign in multiple channels.





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