The buyer's journey

Determining how to present the right product to the right person at the right moment is one of the most important factors of the sales process.

The buyer’s journey definition

The buyer's journey covers all of the experiences a buyer has with a brand while recognizing and eventually solving an issue or satisfying a need. Basically, they go through a process in which they become aware of, consider, and evaluate a new product or service before deciding to buy it. The buyer's journey consists of three stages:

  • Awareness stage: buyers are aware that they have a problem

  • Consideration stage: the buyer identifies the problem and researches possible solutions

  • Decision stage: buyer decides the solution

Awareness stage

Buyers defines their concern during the awareness stage. When a person finds out that they have a problem, they usually go to Google and type in their issue to search it and learn about possible answers. A buyer will access to materials that answer the problem at this point. Company's blog is a good way to get buyer attention: use it to inform buyers to a problem that they may experience on a daily basis. These customers are not yet fully ready to make a decision, but boosting their awareness through insightful blog articles will help them progress to the next stage of the buyer's journey.

Consideration Stage

The buyer will have clearly defined and named their problem, and they will be motivated to exploring and evaluating all available methods for solving the identified problem. It is essential to ensure that companies are showing the correct thing to the right person at the appropriate time. Providing specific information and key features based on their preferences and what they are searching for is important to take them to the next stage - purchase. For example, if buyers want more information, a free e-book or guide could be the answer to solve their pain.

Decision stage

The buyer has chosen a solution method, or approach. Their next step is creating a list of available providers, narrow down to a short list, and then make a final purchasing decision. Company's job is to create messages for webinars, e-books, blogs, and social media postings that answer the question why is your offering greater to than the others? This is the time for company to be distinctive compared to competitors by addressing buyers' individual problems with specific solution which will be precise customer insights as well as useful content.

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