The Competitive Advantages of VSHR

The Social Revolution of Health in Vietnam is an NPO (non-profit organization) dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations - 3. Health 4. Quality education and 17. Association of goals.

Some people may think that we are crazy about becoming social workers, even though we are all busy with full-time jobs for our professions. We promise to ourselves that we will not stop until we make Vietnam succeed in these two sustainable development goals.

In a highly competitive market, we are confident to determine the position of VSHR, thanks to our many advantages:

1. A Large Number of Members:

In the last 3 years, the number of VSRH supporters has reached approximately 500,000. To achieve our ambition to double our positive impact on the community and halve our environmental footprint, we always serve people who are positive-minded, successful-minded, helpful, growing, and interested in driving personal performance. We always focus on building a career at VSHR VSHR is one of Vietnam's most enthusiastic and inspiring social innovators. In addition, we also provide our members with opportunities to participate in sustainable development initiatives, expand the scale of existing initiatives, establish new initiatives, develop their professional skills, and allow them to take control of their careers. Today we are expanding our community.

2. A Unique Life:

VSHR life is a unique life based on 6 core values, in which our members develop amazing skills for themselves by creating a sustainable positive impact for the community. When they do it with a high degree of enthusiasm and motivation, they will create amazing skills in someone's life that can make someone very successful in their professional, family and social life.

Passion is usually large, but its scale is not large enough, but when responsibility is contained in passion, self-development can create enormous energy in a person's heart to achieve outstanding goals and success. The result of this is to bring satisfaction and regular happiness in our life.

3. Strong Core Values:

These are the core values ​​of VSHR members. We guarantee that all members will always follow these values ​​so that we can create a solid organization that brings together people committed to the same ideal:

  • Together to help People

  • Create skill to Grow

  • Turn ideas into Actions

  • Determination for Results

  • Becoming better every day

  • Focusing Sustainable Development

4. A Dynamic Work Culture:

John Masud Parvez, Founder and President of VSHR believes and focuses on the work culture of VSHR. He said, "VSHR offers a unique work culture for every staff member for cultivating passion, spirit, energy among them which enable them to achieve bigger goals in life."

At VSHR, we let our members demonstrate their strong capabilities in the strong field and we also encourage them to push their limits. We have created a vibrant environment to inspire and motivate our members so that they can expand their skills.

As above advantages, we believe that VSHR can improve community life and create a healthy society for Vietnamese people.


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Vietnam Social Health Revolution - VSHR Pro Academy

VSHR PRO Academy vision is to reach a day when every Vietnamese professional feels happy, safe at work, gets the necessary support to grow their career in industry and reaches their career success.

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