The Future of Human Resources

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

The future of HR in the upcoming years is predicted to be especially promising due to the shift of focus to key terms such as employee experience, workplace culture, workplace innovation. These key terms are embedded in the notion of HR and we believe that all HR leaders strive to elevate the employee experience and establish an innovative workplace culture.

Statistics show that:

  • Three-quarters (76 percent) of Pathfinding HR organizations agree that HR needs actively to challenge the future workforce composition (who to buy, build, borrow, bot) in order to meet the future needs of their organizations.

  • Pathfinding HR organizations were 6x more likely to “strongly agree” that they have a strategy in place to continuously monitor and maintain the right culture for their organizations.

In this article we will dive into these two concepts that are commonly referred to as the spine of HR in order to grasp what is happening in the HR community, what methods should HR executives adopt to implement a better approach that would enhance HR strategic value?

Workplace Culture

Culture can be defined as the underlying set of beliefs or values held by the people within the organization that determine how works get done. And these beliefs and values should align with the company's higher-level purpose to bring out the most from its workforce. HR executives globally are leaning towards a more innovative and creativity-driven culture that would invoke autonomy, new ideas, and trust among their staff. Technological advancement also plays a pivotal part in this shift since an enterprise will soon become irrelevant within the industry if it does not continually modernize and level up their HR approach by creating the right and innovative workplace culture

Employee Experience

Employee experience could be described as how employees view their working environment that could be divided into 3 categories: the digital experience, which deals with the technology employees use to get their tasks completed; the social experience, the sense of collaboration and community; and the environmental experience, such as the design of the physical workplace.

Due to the fact that in many labor markets, demands for specialized skill exceeds supply, employees are deemed as the costumers that hold certain expectations for their organizations such as meaningful, rewarding work, on-demand customer service, simplified transactions, and instant access to information.

It's now fixed on the HR agenda that employee experience design is among the top three current priorities and continuing for the next 2-3 years. That is to say, recruiting a skilled highly competent team is long been seen as a challenging task for the HR department, these days, the efforts that the HR team needs to put into maintaining it could prove to be even more arduous and time-consuming.

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