The moment I busted in to tears to see mine framed photo at home's wall by my parents.

Our life is such a large journey, it's complicated already and probably we also make it even more complicated by our personal choices, thoughts, life styles, companions etc. So what is actually is most important to our life?

Probably that is one of the most difficult questions to us. Because on this digital era even when young generation spending hours on social networking or booming startup with the idea to make a business, capitalism etc. Actually our environment kind of defined that question's answer for most of us something related to - money, wreath, ownership etc. Like two sides of the coin the good side of that is we are developing, our economy getting better, civilization getting more modern etc. But on the other side we are probably doing everything possible to reduce the life span of our world. One very good example where president can laugh when mentioned about 'green house gas', country can mention 'green house' is a propaganda to slow down the development for the developing country! It's sad, isn't it?

Why we could do so? Do we really forgot or wrongly defining the main goal of our life, do we have deep dark shade on our eyes? Probably yes? To be honest I was also lost on those paths but I had to put my foot back on track. It took those young years to figure out what actually answer of that question. Then for me one thing I closely learnt in my life - "If I could successful to become a good human, then I will be able to be successful anything in my life". So whatever, whenever I do anything I also assess by this formula.

I busted in to tears when my brother sent me this photo few weeks ago! Actually several years back when RMIT University did a career showcase for their key employees and wanted to present to the university students. So student can learn from those people. I was "fortunate" and my profile was one of them. It was running for several weeks, and then RMIT University gave me that hard poster. I left guilty to throw that away because that is such a nice paper! So I took that to my apartment and put in the store room and it was there for several years. Then last November 2018, my parents visited me and that time they found that photo in my store room. I could not believe you took that photo all the way home, framed that and put on the way too!!!

I was speechless but only think I could think about that time - "Dear Mom and dad , whatever I have achieved in my life, among those I am sure biggest achievement I could have so far in my life is to be a son for which you always wanted to have.

Thank you dad and mom, it's my honor to be your son!"

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