The most popular forms of hospital advertising

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

1. What is hospital advertising?

One of the media solutions that is quite unique but has a lot of potential for development in recent times is the form of advertising at the hospital. Every day, the number of people who come to the hospital for medical examination and care is impossible to calculate, not counting those who must be present here regularly. Therefore, they become potential customers that many brands are looking to target, especially large hospitals.

However, depending on the brand, it is possible to determine whether it is suitable for advertising in hospitals. Most brands such as milk - powder - diapers, medicines, functional foods... will have the most impact on the right potential customers.

The form of advertising at the hospital is affordable and suitable for the budget, and businesses should look for a quality agency to deploy the campaign smoothly and effectively. Your brand will appear in the eyes of viewers every day, helping them capture more information and become an extremely effective source of entertainment to kill time.

2. The most popular forms of hospital advertising today

2.1 Billboard advertising outside the hospital

Billboard advertising (or billboards) is a form of large-scale hospital advertising deployed in the outer space. For Banner, it is installed on the side of the building's wall, and for Billboard, it will be erected on a sturdy standing pillar buried deep in the ground. Because it is built outdoors, billboards are often placed in easy-to-see locations, often crowded with people such as yards, parking areas, entrances to the hospital... Some billboards is installed with a system of high-power metal lights to illuminate when it is dark, helping the brand image become really outstanding.

2.2 Advertising on Led screen, LCD, Frame

Advertising Led, Lcd, Frame screens appear quite a lot in hospitals, depending on the size and purpose they are installed in different locations. This is a form chosen by businesses quite a lot because the way they work is to alternately play images/clips with a length of about 15 - 30 seconds during the time that the hospital operates every day. Most of the Led, LCD, Frame screens are used digital high definition, making the viewing process easy.

Some distinguishing features between the three types of Led, LCD, and Frame screens:

– Led screen: Because of its large size, it is often installed on the outside of the building or the aisle area of the lobby (ranging from a few meters to several tens of meters).

– LCD screen: Like a normal TV, it is installed in a horizontal direction on the wall in the waiting room, waiting room with seats… or popularly right outside the elevator.

- Frame screen: Installed in a rectangular shape inside the elevator (maximum 4 pieces/ladder), the size is similar to the LCD screen.

2.3 Advertising at the pharmacy

This is a form that has appeared quite a lot on the market today, when we walk into a hospital or private pharmacy, we can easily observe the advertising methods for brands. These can be mentioned as: Lightbox advertising, POSM advertising, poster, banner, standee... They can effectively reach viewers from close range during the time they come to buy medicine oreven those passing by on the street.


Advertising on the charging station (phone charging boot) is one of the forms of advertising at the hospital that communicates for the brand on the device used to charge the phone for free, usually placed in the lobby area. It has a vertical cylinder, has a variety of charging cables connected to the mains so that any phone company can use it.

This unique form of hospital advertising will be implemented by playing a TVC clip for 15-30 seconds on the screen installed below the charging post, making it impossible for people around to see it by the waiting room. The hospital is an area that is always very crowded as well as a lot of people who need to charge their phones.

Source: Hospital Media

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