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Kol Marketing is actually a form of advertising based on influential people on the social networking community, who have a huge number of likes and followers, who operate in many different fields. Famous people can be actors, singers, musicians, comedians, MCs, models, famous vloggers or hot bloggers. They will be the ones who cooperate with companies to promote brands, promote products and services. The trend of advertising thanks to Kols is really thriving and widely used in Vietnam. It is the perfect combination of online marketing and real-life celebrity experiences. The services - products of the units will be cleverly introduced by celebrities on articles, photos or videos on their personal pages. If you have money to invest, you can invite celebrities to your promotional videos, write ads in newspapers. Currently, the Youtube website is also a place where Kols share product and service review videos.


Advertising products through celebrities, Kol is the link for the success of the Marketing campaign. Depending on the size of the project, the degree of Kol's Hot that companies choose to cooperate with the right people, suitable for the business field.

Taking advantage of the explosion of social networks, the fast transmission speed on the Internet, your products and services will reach customers quickly. The fact that celebrities use and then rate the quality will increase trust among online users and drive higher purchase behavior. If you know how to combine Kol Marketing and other online advertising methods, your Marketing strategy will be very successful. The Kols show stronger communication effectiveness, wider spread, corporate brand and services and products will reach customers closer, more.


Grammy-winning artist Ciara encourages Black women to take care of themselves from the inside out in Hologic’s new campaign to raise awareness around cervical cancer.

Playing on the phrase “serving looks” meaning looking good, Ciara is “Cerving Confidence” in the campaign created with the Black Women’s Health Imperative. The intent? Prompt Black women to serve looks on themselves, starting on the inside.

“It's more than a manicure, getting our hair done or a new outfit, it’s taking care of our health inside and out. Your health comes first Sis—yes!” Ciara says in the debut video.

“She’s not just ‘a celebrity,’ but a celebrity and a personality who’s relatable,” Linda Blount, CEO of Black Women’s Health Imperative, said. “We talk about the lived experience as a Black woman, Ciara is someone who shares those experiences and talks about it openly and publicly.”

The campaign invites women on social and digital media to participate by uploading a photo and telling how they “cerv confidence.” Ciara will also host an online summit later this summer about the importance of self-care for Black women.

Blount’s hope is that Ciara and the “Cerving Confidence” campaign help advance the better outcomes for Black women that they’ve been working with Hologics on for years. Hologic's recently launched Project Health Equality directly addresses the inequities in women's healthcare for Black and Hispanic women and includes BWHI as a partner.

Source: Fiercepharma

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