The power of The Digital Marketing Platform

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Marketing is an important integral part of every company.To lauch a powerful marketing campaign in digtal space, you must understand this job well. If you have trouble with the field of marketing, today, let's learn what a digital platform is with VSHR digital media agency.

  1. What is the Digital platform ?

The digital marketing platform is an important tool with platform and almost non-stop activities (always-on environment). It allows the brand to run one or more specific programs but not like a website, face, banner or a 30 second ad.

The digital platforms exist with the general purpose of engaging with consumers in the most meaningful way at various levels. This for some brands means creating a memorable experience combined with branding or business solutions. For other brands, the goal of a digital platform is to allow consumers to connect with each other in ways that are more valuable, even surpassing expectations.

2. The application of gaming platform in healthcare industry

Akilla is one the brillian example in applying gaming platform to launch digital campaign for first FDA-approved ADHD video game

Akili originally planned to go the traditional prescription treatment route using patient call centers and faxed prescriptions, but it just wasn't scalable enough, Rivera said, so they turned to a digital-first model.

Working with a company called Phil Pharmacy, Akili now uses an entirely digital process. By the time the patient 's parent walks out of the doctor 's office, they should have a text from the pharmacy with an activation code. Therapeutic play can begin within hours.

The target market is almost "like a living and breathing organism," Rivera said, which means Akili will continue to refine and adjust the gaming platform as they learn more and find what resonates with patients and parents.

Source: Fiercepharma

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