The power of Visual storytelling in pharma to grab attention

The pharmaceutical industry, as we well know, is highly regulated and restricted. Therefore, to better reach consumers, instead of just focusing on products only, the pharmaceutical industry now focuses more on educating and raising patient awareness about diseases and how to prevent them.

In the context of complicated science and data, using strong visuals has been a key ingredient in pharma marketing and communications. This helps audiences keep up with important health information.

In addition, businesses are facing the issue that there are now a lot of online resources like Netflix, Apple TV that users can access, and how savvy that consumers are. If it's not possible to keep up with the visual bar on such platforms, businesses can be left behind in the battle to grab attention.

What does Visual storytelling as a pharma marketing contribute?

Creating new user experiences

By enhanced writing and journalism with visual storytelling to lure the reader in on digital platforms. Digital utilized well provides the opportunity to create new reader experiences. Great storytelling that stimulates all of the senses promotes us to feel more comfortable, more relaxed, and more motivated. We are more likely to click a button, make a purchase, or follow a readily available call to action. Naturally, the feel-good afterglow of experiencing a great visual story makes viewers want to see another after that.

Better content

Images can do most, if not more of, the heavy lifting we usually rely upon words to provide. That means visual storytelling can tell a complex tale in a compact timeline. No visual storytelling format proves that point better than the infographic. It boils an entire article’s worth of detail into a single share-worthy image to leverage visual storytelling. Clearly organized visuals that support the message instead of distracting from it. Color is used deliberately to delineate specific topics.

Connect with audiences

Brands or businesses that tell stories via video or visuals on platforms like Instagram or Facebook have an unmatched opportunity to let viewers into their world in a way that is genuine, fascinating, and desirable. Show your audience the who, what, where, and why behind your business in a quick mobile video, or a series of showcase videos that give them insight into the humans behind your brand.

In the pharma industry, visual storytelling allows you to connect with the client/patient emotionally through the stories that are told, a story always has a purpose and through them, you can make a more detailed explanation either of the disease or some experience lived with the disease by a patient. Visual storytelling can be adjusted to the needs and objectives of each company. What’s more, these authentic visual stories are a great way to help your audience feel like you’re connecting with them- and while telling your story, you can also reach out to your audience and engage with them.

Visual Storytelling Example

When looking at some of the year’s best pharma campaign successes. obviously, most of them used sophisticated cinematography to drive home their messages.

For instance, “Mystery to Me,” a documentary series about patients living with the rare neuromuscular disease myasthenia gravis. It swept three categories in the 2021 Fierce Pharma Marketing Awards, including best online film or video. It succeeded to pulled audiences into the personal patient stories that help make them real.

For some reason, visual storytelling is cool, different and it's interactive, and might be a big industry trend to look out for.

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