The role of language in marketing strategy

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

When planning to expand and develop into an external market, there are many factors to keep in mind such as market research, prospecting, competitive research, etc . In fact, there is an important factor. One of the most important things you might not appreciate is the role of language.

The importance of language

Language is an important factor to keep in mind in the internationalization process, besides, it is also a barrier for some businesses. In fact, many small businesses don't want to expand their market boundaries because of language issues.

However, this barrier can be quickly and effectively overcome when you partner with a professional translation agency. Factors where language plays a very important role:

- Product Description

- Website content

- Document

- Language

Language plays an important role in successfully expanding the market, so care and attention should be paid to the quality of the translation as it will directly affect the impact of the marketing strategy. Clear, precise language helps avoid any misunderstandings with potential suppliers or customers.

Pfizer translates high science into plain language to make study data easier to read

Along with Pfizer, other pharma companies at work on plain language efforts include Merck, Bristol Myers Squibb, Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen and Novartis. One group of drugmakers, including GlaxoSmithKline, Amgen and AstraZeneca, post some studies in plain language on a searchable website hosted by Informa.

“The few plain language summaries in the public domain are not easily detected by internet search engine, thereby limiting their utility as a vehicle to improve public health literacy on clinical trials,” the study concluded.

For Pfizer, another reason for the push is the public wants it. It cited a global survey by 3M that found 88% of people think scientists should speak in easy-to-understand language.

People increasingly expect to get information tailored to their needs, J.R. Meloro, who leads global data dissemination, publications and transparency for Pfizer’s global medical and safety group, said in an email interview.

That may be why efforts like Pfizer’s more recently opened plain language study portal is getting “great initial feedback,” Meloro said. The pharma plans to drive broader awareness of the database on social media.

Using the simple summaries also fits into Pfizer's equity goals, Meloro said.

Studies should be available “not only to researchers, but also to participants, patient advocates, caregivers, and the public at large. In a word, it is all about transparency,” he said.

Source: Fiercepharma

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