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The results of a survey made by the ADP company announced on April 25 that some people feel safe at their field of work is 25%, some will consider "job jumping" to increase from 15% to 23%, of which nearly 30% know that new finding jobs starts.

50% of people surveyed have some or no satisfaction with their current job.

Factors that have arisen during the pandemic, such as working hours, location, unpaid hours and financial concerns those have prompted workers to rethink their priorities at work, negotiate to change the terms of the contract with the business owner, or even be ready to find another more suitable job if the need is not met.

When the new normal life is gradually adjusted after the pandemic, businesses gradually increase the frequency of offline working of their employees and always aim for the goal of all company employees returning to the office.

With the above survey results, it is likely that companies will have a shortage of labor force and finding a solution to this problem is indeed not easy.


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